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Brian Induni
Induni NorthWest
Hayden Lake, ID 83835
phone (208) 691-7371

Software Product Manager,
Technology Leaders
2 year project

Helping businesses stay competitive

I have been a remote contractor for organizations across the country since 2005 and have repeatedly demonstrated an immediate positive return on my client's investment. My success is based on a simple business model: provide a contract resource to businesses looking for help in developing and growing their business. While this may seem very broad, a review of my 20 plus years experience will reveal I have expertise to be leveraged in a variety of specialized fields.

I bring to the table years of professional experience consisting of 17 years in product management, marketing, and business ownership, and 9 years in R&D, mechanical, and process engineering. I have advanced computer and Internet proficiency, as well as global professional speaking experience. I am highly execution driven and detail oriented, but retain the ability to see “the big picture” with a very strategic mindset and strong entrepreneurial spirit.

If you are in need of an additional resource but are not ready to commit to the investment of hiring a full time person, please consider my services. Contact me today for more information.

Brian Induni, Owner, Induni NorthWest

I also coach the Coeur d'Alene High School FIRST Robotics Team, the TeraViks. Find out how you can get involved with helping High School students learn about science and technology through FIRST.


Executive Director
Business Development
North Idaho Discovery Association
1 year project

Past Projects and Clients:

Executive Director,
Web Analytics Association
2 year project

Database Development
(MS Access and VBA)

Cartwright International
Foremost Forwarders

Current Project: